Andy Dinh Net Worth-This Gamer Has A Net Worth To Dream Of


Andy Dinh net worth is estimated with total assets of more than $1.5 million USD, Andy Dinh is a previous expert League of Legends (LOL) player better known by his moniker “Reginald”. He is the Owner of Team SoloMid and manages public relations division. LOL computer game’s winning prize contributes him to accomplish this total asset. Currently, after retirement Andy turn into the SoloMid group’s Coach and also Analyst.


Andy Dinh was born on 19 April 1992 and experienced childhood in San Jose, California and belong to a caste of a Vietnamese immigrant. Dinh is very well known expert League of Legends (LOL) player and otherwise called “Reginald”. He went to Westmont High School in Campbell. Andy began playing computer games at an early age and started to play this stunning LOL diversion in its beta stage. He is known for having a very aggressive play style in the mid lane and has competed in several LAN events such as MLG, IEM, and IPL.

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After successfully completing the Season 2 World Championship, He announced his retirement from professional League of Legends (LOL). He now becomes the team’s coach, analyst and moreover, a strategy maker for professional events. Which shows us how did Andy Dinh net worth is justified.

Andy Dinh net worth

Andy Dinh began having proficient LOL in 2009 and influence of the group “All or nothing” yet left the group because of contention with his sibling Dan Dinh because of contrasts in play-style between the siblings. He at that point joined Counter Logic Gaming in November 2010 and dropout simply following one month in December 2010.
Andy resigned from contending toward the finish of the 2013 season and acquired Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg in 2013 from Denmark to fill his past position in mid-path, a move which revived the TSM squad. Amid his retirement he said to end up plainly a chief for Team SoloMid, however later declared that he would rather stay at the group’s Mid Laner, he has since ventured down from Mid Lane and has turned into the group’s mentor cum investigator.

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Going into League of Legends Season 2, Team SoloMid endured misfortunes while confronting the Russian-based group Moscow 5 at Intel Extreme Masters Hanover and Kiev events. Following these annihilations, prominent establishing part Christian “The Rain Man” Kahmann surrendered from the group referring to contrasts in interests and Team Solomid in this manner grabbed Marcus “Dyrus” Hill to fill the unfilled spot, as he was at that point living in the TSM house.

After these progressions, Dinh and Team SoloMid went ahead to win a few North American occasions amid spring and summer. Following a first Place triumph at the North American regionals, TSM ended up noticeably one of the groups playing at Riot Games’ Season 2 World Championships in Los Angeles, where they were crushed 2-0 by Azubu Frost and put fifth-eighth with a prize of $75,000. After two months in December, they set ninth twelfth in the IGN Pro League Season 5 to win $1500.

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