Angus Young’s Net Worth

Angus Young’s Net Worth: $160 million

The All Time Richest Athlete – A Review of Angus Young’s Life

angus young net worth

In this article I am going to discuss how Angus Young came to be in the top ten of all time richest athletes. By the time he reached his prime he had made millions of dollars from boxing and had come to be called the Golden Boy. So, who exactly is this Golden Boy?

The official title for this athlete is ‘The Angles.’ And in fact the name has been given to him by the people that don’t know what they are talking about. It’s quite an accolade and one that you can be proud of, if you are also the owner of a piece of the best Angus Young net worth stories.

Angus was a champion boxer. He came from a family of boxing champions. His mother was a professional fighter and his father as well. Angus was the second son, the youngest, and was supposed to be given over to his mother, but that never happened.

Instead Angus grew up on his own, fighting when he was at home. He quickly became known as a great fighter and boxed professionally when he was only fifteen years old. He learned a lot of tricks and strategies along the way. He won his first world title when he was only twenty.

The two years between his world title fight and his fight with Sugar Ray Leonard was a very long time in boxing circles. This was an important time for him, as he was not only looking to win another world title, but to try and make some of his money back from the winnings from the previous two. However, it is unlikely that he will ever get the chance to see these two fights.

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Angus Young net worth is a huge amount and quite possibly the greatest athlete in history. However, not many people realize just how big of a part of his mother played in the story of his success. She was a boxing champion and her influence on her son’s career could be described as a scientific impossibility.

Because she was so influential, Angus was able to have access to the best training facilities. The rest of us have had to work hard to get anywhere near those facilities. However, Angus had a mother that would do anything for her son and that meant that the rest of us didn’t have any problems finding the right training grounds.

When you factor in the other people that Angus has had under his wing, it is quite easy to see why he is where he is today. He had many great mentors who came to be his life force, as they provided guidance and encouragement through thick and thin. This is perhaps the most important thing that he has had in his life and probably the most important figure in all of his career.

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