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Bobby Bonilla net worth, contract, salary and profession earnings: Bobby Bonilla is a retired American baseball participant who has a net worth of $20 million. During Bonilla’s 15 yr enjoying profession, he earned $52 million in salary from seven totally different groups. His 1992 contract with the NY Mets made him the best paid baseball participant within the league and one of many highest paid athletes on the planet. Bonilla retired from the sport in 2001, nonetheless his final contract with The Mets entitles him to earn practically $1.2 million for 25 years beginning in 2011 and ending in 2035. He additionally receives $250,000 per yr linked to a deal he struck with The Mets in 1994 for a complete of $1.45 million.

While on the Pirates, “Bobby Bo” was a drive to be reckoned with alongside Barry Bonds and Andy Van Slyke. The formidable trio helped the Pirates win two out of three straight NL East titles from 1990-1992. Bonilla was traded to New York Mets in 1992 when he signed a really profitable 5 yr contact worth $29 million that made him the best performed participant in baseball. His time on the Mets was very profitable from a private standpoint however not a lot as a crew. In 1995, Bonilla moved to Baltimore Orioles, the place he helped the crew make the American League Championship Series the next yr. Bonilla then moved to Florida Marlins, the place he helped the crew to win the 1997 World Series. Bonilla additionally spent one season with Los Angeles Dodgers.

By 1999, Bonilla had re-joined the Mets. Unfortunately the crew was not blissful together with his efficiency and Bonilla would typically get into fiery feuds with supervisor Bobby Valentine. During the 1999 NCLS, Bonilla infamously performed playing cards with teammate Rickey Henderson within the clubhouse whereas their crew had been dropping to the Braves. Bonilla performed his final main league sport on October 7, 2001 for the St Louis Cardinals.

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Bobby Bonilla’s Famous Contract

You could also be stunned to be taught that regardless that Bonilla hasn’t performed professionally since 2001, The NY Mets might be paying him practically $1.2 million per yr for the subsequent 25 years, beginning July 2011 and ending 2035. Technically talking $1,193,248. How is that doable?

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In 2001 Bonilla was an getting older veteran with $5.9 million left on his contract. The Mets knew he may very well be simply lower free to release a roster spot. At the identical time, Bonilla was frightened that $5.9 million after taxes and costs would not be sufficient for his household to stay off ceaselessly, so he went to The Mets Management with a proposition.

Bonilla and his agent proposed that as an alternative of paying him $5.9 million in 2001, they as an alternative pay $29.Eight million over 28 years beginning in 2011. That equates to $1.2 million per yr for 25 years beginning when Bonilla was 47 years outdated and lengthy gone from baseball. Bobby will obtain the ultimate $1.2 million cost in 2035, on his 72nd birthday.

Fun truth: This was not truly the primary spaced-out contract Bobby signed with The Mets. Back in 1994 The Mets agreed to take half of the $6 million they owed him for the 1994 to 1995 season, round $three million, and pay it in $250,000 installments over 25 years beginning in 2003.

So technically The Mets truly pay him nearer to $1.four million per yr.

The Bernie Madoff Connection

Why would The Mets conform to pay a lot greater than $5.9 million? Well, on the time The Mets group’s funds, on the path of proprietor Fred Wilpon, had been closely invested with Bernie Madoff. As such, The Mets had been accustomed to earning double digit returns annually. The Mets did the mathematics and calculated that at even an 8% return, they’d make a $60 million revenue on the deferment. And $60 million over time is sort of precisely double $29.Eight million.

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Unfortunately, as everyone knows now, Bernie Madoff’s double digit earnings had been a large ponzi scheme. This scheme would ultimately price Wilpon $700 million personally. But they’re nonetheless on the hook for Bonilla’s deal till 2035. Talk about good retirement planning!

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