Canelo Alvarez Net Worth

Canelo Alvarez Net Worth: $120 Million

Floyd Mayweather Jr., has to be one of the most well known boxers in the world today. But even his status can be debated. When asked what is his net worth, he has said that he makes it with his fights and the home sales from his houses. The question has been often asked why he has to use his earnings.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. once told an interviewer that, “I have to pay my bills.” After all, it is his family that supports him during the tough times.

Many people have always wondered what is Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s net worth. What he makes by fighting and what he makes by selling his homes. We all know that he has this “match” that is being asked of him.

Earlier this year, Mayweather Jr. and his father had an argument and Floyd Jr. claimed that his father earned millions of dollars but Mayweather Sr. made what he makes with his boxing matches. He never said how much he got. But when Floyd Jr. does a fight and his purse are reported, he is sure to be receiving a great deal.

The main question that everyone asks when asking what is Mayweather Jr.’s net worth is whether it is good or bad. However, there is no one right answer when doing this because everyone has his or her own ways of earning. It is always a choice and a decision to be made, that’s why.

However, in Mayweather’s case, he makes a lot because of his fights. If you make his fights pay for every time he fights, that means more than any other person or couple that can come together. This is the reason why some people wonder if MayweatherJr. makes good money. In some cases, people ask if he is worth a lot or just very good and there’s a different answer for each person.

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Mayweather Jr. may not be the richest boxer today, but there is no one else in the top ten that can beat him. He has taken up boxing and has brought boxing into the modern age and he has proven this with his athletic skill. This is why some people think that he is worth a lot.

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