Colin Kaepernick Net Worth

Colin Kaepernick net worth

$20 Million

Colin Kaepernick’s Salary

$12.4 Million

Colin Kaepernick net worth and salary: Colin Kaepernick is an American football player that has a net worth of $20 million. His peak NFL salary was $12.4 million that came during the 2015 season. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Colin Kaepernick initially established himself as a baseball player to observe, receiving several scholarships offers to faculty clubs when he was at high school. But he wanted to focus on football and was offered a place at the University of Nevada. As a college soccer player, he immediately revealed himself to be a superb investment, and that he had been regularly pointed to as one of the best college quarterbacks in the country. He received many honors during his college football career, also set multiple records.

He signed with the San Francisco 49ers in 2011 and played as a backup quarterback until 2012 when he began to play regularly. He excelled through the 2012 season and finally led the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Back in June 2014, Colin and the 49ers reached a six-year extension deal. The deal might have let Colin make as much as $126 million in the deal and $61 million could have been ensured. The extension also came with a $12.3 million signing bonus. After Kaepernick found the 49ers were intending to cut him in March 2017 he opted out of his contract in order to become a free agent. As it was all said and done, Colin earned just under $40 million from his $126 million contracts.

Colin Kaepernick NFL Lawsuit And Settlement: Colin filed a grievance from the NFL at 2017 alleging the league and owners conspired to keep him from playing in the NFL in reaction to his choice to kneel during the National Anthem. The litigation was settled independently in February 2019 having an undisclosed payment. On February 18, 2019, several sports news outlets reported that the settlement sum might have been in the 60 — $80 million range. A month later it was revealed the authentic settlement amount was more likely about $10 million.

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