David Dobrik Net Worth-The YouTuber Has A Net Worth To Die For


The internet sensation and Vlogger David Dobrik net worth is $2 million at the age of only 21. David found popularity over the internet back in 2013. Since then he has developed a fan following of millions on different video based and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc. Also known as the Vine God, David Dobrik got fame by posting short and funny videos on the application Vine. His excellent sense of humor has earned him die-hard female fans and a place for himself at this young age among other big fishes in the world of online business.

David’s parents belong to Slovakia. He was also born there with white ethnicity. However, his family moved from Kosice to Chicago when he was very young. David Dobrik has three siblings, Toby, Ester, and Sara. They belong to a highly practicing Christian family. David himself went to Vernon Hills Excessive College, situated in Chicago, for higher studies. He was born in July 1996 and hence has the zodiac sign, Leo.


Despite his young age, David has achieved loads. It all started with the application Vine. He used to upload funny 6-second videos and got famous. Currently, he has almost 1.4 million followers on that particular application.

David began his YouTube career in 2013 along with the career on Vine. He has collaborated a number of times with the fellow Vine creators like Gabrielle Hanna, Brandon Calvillo, and Alex Ernst. His personal channel has the name Second Class.

Day by day progress throughout the years has brought him to a point that he has 4.9 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.4 million on Vine. Moreover, he uploads new videos regularly to keep his followers engaged and to attract more viewers and subscribers. Due to his popularity on the above-mentioned platforms, David has also earned 105k followers on Instagram and 38k followers on the mighty Twitter. This all has earned David loads and loads of cash.

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His new videos don’t need any kind of promotions at the time of release to go viral. His work speaks for himself. David Dobrik net worth is currently $2 million which he has earned through the advertisements on his YouTube and Vine channel.


David Dobrik is rich, young, and handsome. Who wouldn’t want him? He has been linked with a number of females in the past.

david dobrik net worth girlfiend

One of the open relations he had was with another internet celebrity Lisa Koshy. Lisa Koshy is also known with the name Elizabeth Koshy. She is also a star on the application Vine and has more than thrice followers as his boyfriend do. The couple started dating in 2015. Both of them shared several pictures of them together, on social media. However, there was no news afterward whether the couple is still dating or has parted ways. Moreover, it is also believed that even if he would have broken up with Lisa, he is too smart and too straight to remain single for a long time and hence, must be in a relationship with some unexposed woman.


David Dobrik is not only rich, but he is handsome as well. He has a decent height of approximately 5 feet and 6 inches. He weighs 64 kgs and has brown eyes with white skin. This makes him adorable for every woman out there.

David Dobrik appearance look

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