Don King Net Worth

Don King Net Worth: $150 million

While there is no official estimate of Don King’s net worth, numerous independent sources have estimated his true wealth to be in the millions. However, at least according to one of his daughter’s stories, King is no millionaire. While he was well known for being a wonderful businessman with an affinity for golf, his true talent was in his ability to please women.

In an article published in the New York Times, in which she stated that her father is a poor golfer, Tina King stated that Don King “never” played golf with her as a child. According to her, Don supposedly told her she didn’t belong on the golf course. When asked if her father played golf as well, Tina King answered, “No.”

Tina King goes on to claim that her father’s attitude towards women on the golf course stemmed from her father’s lack of fondness for Donald Trump, the current owner of the Miss Universe pageant. She states that Don King constantly told her that she “didn’t belong on the golf course,” and that she was “a terrible golfer.” She also mentions that her father “wouldn’t give me a personal grade” and that she didn’t really believe that Don King had a genuine love for golf. The story goes on to say that her father did not like golf because of all the times that he was forced to play with other men.

Another woman who claims that her father doesn’t play golf because of Donald Trump, is Joanne Young. According to Young, her father said that he couldn’t sit with his friends while he watched the Miss Universe pageant, simply because Donald Trump was on the television. Her father further stated, “All the women at that table had to be better than me and he hated that feeling.” Joanne Young added that her father has “had enough” of Donald Trump and has become “enraged.”

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A private investigator, named Mark Anderson, is the one who broke the story of Don King’s attitude towards golf. Anderson claims that Don King “doesn’t play much golf and doesn’t like to talk about it. He didn’t like golf.”

Despite Don King’s status as a wealthy owner of professional boxing and wrestling matches, his daughter Tina claims that he plays golf at least once a week. Tina claims that her father’s favorite game is “Pac-Man,” but, “He plays very rarely because he has too many fights and wrestling matches.”

King is a self-proclaimed professional gambler and as a casino owner, he has earned a huge amount of money. To many of his supporters, it seems that King has made a lot of money in casinos and will continue to make a lot of money in casinos while making it clear that he doesn’t play poker, because “he is too busy trying to lose.”

Don King is also a devout fan of the English Premier League football league. King has given away millions of dollars of his net worth to charitable causes, and many have found his donation of millions of pounds to assist hurricane victims in the Caribbean to be unselfish. King doesn’t seem to be about to stop his generosity when it comes to making money for his charities, and won’t play the long game when it comes to putting the interests of others ahead of his own.

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