Filthy Frank Net Worth-He Is One Hell Of A Comedian


Filthy Frank Net WorthThe Japanese-Austrailian artist Filthy Frank net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million in 2017. His real name is George Miller. Meanwhile, he uses the name Filthy Frank as his stage name. Frank went on to be famous and rich through YouTube where he showcased his wicked sense of humor. Although his sense of humor is very much loved by the fans out there, sometimes his jokes are controversial and dark due to which he receives hate and criticism from the group he made those jokes on. He is not only a comedian, but he is also a singer. One of his albums, Pink Season, was such a success and went on to feature on the Billboard 200 to the 70th position. Moreover, Pink Season also reached the top of the iTunes charts.

He has a YouTube channel of his own with the name TVfilthyfrank which earns him a lot of dollars through ad revenue.


Filthy Frank was born on 18th September 1992 in Japan where his parents used to live. Not many years after his birth, Frank’s family shifted to Brooklyn in the United States. George Miller also lived there with his parents and got his early education in the city of Brooklyn. Despite being shifted to the States, Filthy Frank is still fluent in Japanese as he was born there and his parents continued to use it as the language for regular communication. Moreover, he is in contact with his relatives in Japan and keeps having conversations. This is also a contributing factor to why he has a very firm grip over the Japanese language.

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George Miller went on to the Canadian Academy to study. He successfully graduated from the institute by 2012. One of the best things about George is that he very rarely reveals anything about his personal life to the media or to his followers. He once released a video with the title “Filthy Frank Exposes Himself???” in which he only revealed minor facts like he got his college education in Brooklyn, NYC. One of the reasons why he doesn’t reveal himself is that he has a fear about his future. George fears that he might not be able to secure a job in the future due to the nature of the videos he uploads on YouTube. But at the same, those videos have got Filthy Frank net worth $1.5 million.

Another one of the very few things known about him is that he is a medical patient suffering from an illness or disease and he won’t reveal it’s name. However, he struggles with seizers due to that illness. After the release of this video, George was criticized very much with the claims that he is using his illness for clickbait. After such claims, he himself took down the video.


George Miller’s first-ever channel was named as DizastaMusic channel where he used to upload his music videos. His first video was uploaded on the channel on 19 June 2008 with the title “Lil Jon falls off a table“. After a journey of 9 years, his channel Diazasta Music has approximately 170 million views and 0.8 million subscribers. Moreover, he used sketch comedy-based content on the channel. Since he started conceptualizing the character Frank, who is an anti-Vlogger and is loved by the fans, his channel’s stats got a very unusual boost and he got popular overnight. In 2014, George Miller uploaded a video on the very same channel that this is it for this particular channel. He won’t be posting anymore videos on this channel because there is a risk that this channel of his might is deleted due to copy strikes.

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After he conceptualized his character Frank on his other channel and watching the loving response from the audiences, George decides to start another channel with the name of TVFilthyFrank. He has a number of comedy series available on this channel. This is the most successful channel of George Miller with more than 600 million views and 5.1 million subscribers.

The third and his final channel, which he started after he stopped posting videos on the channel Dizasta Music in 2014. Since then he works on this channel of his and within a time span of 3 years, he has earned 170 million video views and 1.7 million subscribers on this channel.

Earning from all these channels and a few other sources, Filthy Frank net worth is approximately $1.5 million in 2017.

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