Imran Khan Net Worth

Imran Khan Net Worth:  $50 Million

It was amazing to see the headline on the Express website, written by Arifa Akbar, explaining how the media magnate Imran Khan is believed to be one of the richest human beings in the world. This is the author’s first real attempt to portray the magnitude of that power. He is almost certainly the richest man in the world but this figure should be taken with a pinch of salt.

His role as the chief architect of Pakistan’s fight against terrorism, his achievement in reforming cricket in the country and his goal of protecting the culture of Pakistan deserve a lot of respect. In fact this country owes a lot to the man.

The media’s role in the country is another reason why the list of leaders who are said to be wealthy is a list that can include anybody. The media plays a vital role in popularizing the rich and the famous. While Imran Khan’s popularity, and that of the country are based on his family background, his frequent association with the idea of philanthropy is reason enough to give him credit for his success. But is he really rich?

The man is known to have a net worth of at least $2 billion. His involvement in a number of big ventures such as the mobile phone industry, and various industries such as the cement industry and steel industries are all ways that he is claiming to be net worthy.

But there is also the obvious flaw in the argument of which is the richest man. Indeed Imran Khan is rich, but that is not the same as being as rich as the Prime Minister, or Queen Elizabeth. He is as rich as a king, a king in a position of power but that is something else.

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The people should be able to put their heads together and think of something better for the country. Let us make our tax money earn us our keep, even as long as the money keeps coming in. There is a very serious problem with the tax money and that is the subsidies that go to the elite. There is also the perception that while the rich spend more and people spend less, we get poorer, therefore we must be less prosperous.

So the rich can spend more, in a world that knows where their money is being spent, but if that is the case why is the poor starving in the country? Only if the rich are spending a lot of money that is it. The media can portray the situation in such a way that he is the richest man in the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that the people have to do something else to earn a living. If they don’t then in reality the numbers are not all that impressive.

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