Summit1g Net Worth-Jaryd Lazar Is One Of The Best In Business


Born on April 23, 1987, Jaryd Lazar/Summit1g net worth is $2 million at the age of 30. Not everyone can achieve this feat at such a young age. It takes something special to stand out from the crowd and become a millionaire by 30. But how did he managed to do that? What is his source of income?


The real name of Summit1g is Jaryd Lazar. He is an American national and Summit1g is just his nickname with which the online world recognizes him. Jaryd is popular as a partnered streamer on Twitch and a professional Counter-Strike: GO, player. He has been playing Counter-Strike since he was a kid. However, growing up, he played for the top-notch teams like Team Mythic and A51. Apart from playing in teams as a professional, Summit1g also stream games like DayZ, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, GTA V and Counter-Strike.

SUMMIT1G live streaming

Professional gaming wasn’t earning him that much. So he decided to live stream games in 2012. Within a period of 5 years, Summit1g went on from 0 subscribers to One of the most subscribed gamers on Twitch and Summit1g net worth went on from a few thousand dollars to $2 million. He has 20,000 subscribers on Twitch and 2,171,000 followers on all over social media. Jaryad’s channel is the 39th most viewed on Twitch. He streams regularly and manages to get 20,000 views each day. However, he once received 90,000 viewers. That was when he used to play for Mythic and streamed their journey at the CS: GO’s ECS qualifiers. He once streamed Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr’s pre-match conference which was a significant boost for his channel and Twitch as well. Hard work with talent takes you places. Isn’t it?

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According to a stat, Summit1g net worth was almost $200,000 in 2013. Within 4 years, his net worth increased more than 10 times. So what is the process? How streaming earns money?

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Summit1g uses two platforms to get his views, YouTube and Twitch. Both have different methods of paying the streamer his/her share. On Youtube, Summit1g has 3.5 million subscribers and more than 35 million total video views. YouTube pays the video producer a share from the ad revenue YouTube make. That share could vary from 40% to 60% as there are several factors involved which decides how much the uploader is going to earn per 1000 views. These factors include the device videos are played on, the location of the viewers, the number of ads the video has, the keywords used in the etc.

SUMMIT1G net worth twitch channel

Twitch also pays a share from ad revenue but that is relatively lesser than what YouTube pays. However, another thing is that Twitch charges each subscriber $2.5/month. So Twitch pays the streamer some amount for each subscriber and that adds up to be a good enough amount. Another unique way Twitch introduced was that the viewers could donate to the streamers if they are delighted with them and show their appreciation. However, sometimes the donations collected are insane amounts. Summit1g once received 30,000 from a single user. He showed his reaction and he was simply speechless because of the generosity one of his viewers showed him that day by donating this insane amount.

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There is not much known about the personal life of Summit1g. He was born in Colorado, USA, on 23rd April 1987. He is 5′ 10″ tall, which means he has a reasonable height, not too long. not too short. Before he started streaming professionally considering it as a career opportunity, he used to work at Warner Cable as a call representative. He is married to Desirae, his longtime girlfriend, since April 2013.

SUMMIT1G wife  Desirae