Mark Sanchez’s Net Worth

Mark Sanchez’s net worth: $40 million

Mark Sanchez’s net worth has been an issue among the media for months. His name has been floated around as a possible trade piece, and some have suggested that he is worth a good chunk of change to another team. So, what does all this mean? Is Mark Sanchez worth his current estimated net worth of about $7 million?

mark sanchez net worth

As it turns out, there is some confusion over exactly how much Sanchez is worth. He was drafted in the third round by the Jets, and they immediately placed him on injured reserve with a foot injury. Since then, Sanchez has received only sporadic playing time. The Jets chose not to trade for Sanchez, who had more than likely fallen out of favor with his new team. This ultimately led to the creation of his net worth figure.

Before Sanchez ever became a part of the New York Jets, he was considered to be a second- or third-string quarterback behind Tom Brady and Kurt Warner. The Jets went on to win the Super Bowl that year, and while Brady and Warner played a huge role in the team’s success, it was Sanchez who was the team’s leading rusher, and he did it while playing for a different team. When you consider that the fact that he came into the league with a horrible reputation, his ability to carry a team, and his arm strength, it is clear that he was not worth much then.

Now, let’s consider Sanchez’s current status with the New York Jets. They traded him to the Philadelphia Eagles at the end of last season. Sanchez was subsequently released by the Eagles in March, and the New York Jets signed him to a one-year deal. Sanchez is coming off the worst season of his career, but he has been getting plenty of playing time with the Eagles, and has performed well enough to lead his team to a Super Bowl berth.

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After the Jets signed Sanchez, many people have debated whether or not the Patriots should really be looking to acquire Sanchez’s contract, but the truth is that he is not worth much. Sanchez was a top-five pick, and while he had a rough start to his career, he is not worth much in today’s NFL. In fact, Sanchez’s current net worth may be at the bottom of his range in terms of value, because many teams believe that he will be cut before the end of the season.

Once Sanchez becomes available, and the NFL allows its teams to conduct waivers, many other teams will jump at the chance to acquire Sanchez’s contract. That is when his value will rise dramatically. It is likely that Sanchez will fetch a better value than the approximately seven million dollars that the Jets gave up for him. There are a lot of teams that would love to get Sanchez, and once he is re-signed, his net worth will skyrocket.

If the New England Patriots is able to acquire Sanchez’s contract before the first week of March, he will be worth more than nine million dollars. While the Patriots might choose to wait until May before acquiring Sanchez’s contract, it would seem that there are a lot of teams that will attempt to obtain Sanchez’s contract before March.

Mark Sanchez may not be as flashy as Tom Brady, but when he puts together a good game, he will be a productive player, and that is why he is worth such a large amount of money. As long as he stays healthy, Mark Sanchez will never be a distraction to the Patriots.

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