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Milo Yiannopoulos net worth is $4 million approximately. He is a British journalist, media person, political commentator and an author. He supports political alt-right and his actions are ideologies are based on the very same idea. Milo writes under the name Milo Andreas Wagner. He is a culture libertarian and works for political correctness, feminism, social justice, and Islam.

Milo Yiannopoulos has earned the attention and fame through his alt-right set of ideologies. He has been involved in a number of controversies in the past. His account was permanently banned by Twitter as he violated the terms and conditions of the usage of and was involved in harassment of a targeted group of people. Moreover, he supports pedophilia and considers the sexual relationship between older-age and under-age people to be something to encourage and a learning experience for the youngster. There are rumors that the reason for his such mindset is because he was abused in his childhood by some unknown man.


Milo didn’t have a good time growing up. He was born in Kent, England. His father wanted to divorce his mother when she was pregnant with Milo. But the couple stayed together for six more years just for the sake of their only child. Once they had a divorce, Milo grew up with his mother and the step dad. He once admitted that he didn’t have a healthy relationship with his step father. Nor he admired his real father, who was half Irish and half Greek. During his teenage years, he lived with his grandmother who he had excellent relations with. In the future, he adopted her surname.Check Rich Piana net worth also (here)

As a kid, Milo attended Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Canterbury. He was then expelled from the school. Afterward, he went to the University of Manchester but couldn’t reach the final point and dropped out. But he didn’t give up and went to Wolfson College, Cambridge to study English. Unfortunately, he couldn’t graduate from there as well.

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Milo Yiannopoulos supported Donald Trump in the recent elections of United States of America. He is compared to the fellow Trump’s supporters Mike Cernovich and Ann Coulter. But the three of them criticized the newly elected president after he ordered a missile strike on Syria. He said that the strike was the opposite of why people supported Donald Trump and has distanced himself from the political scene since then.

Milo Yiannopoulos net worth


Initially, Milo wanted to be a theatre critic. But he ultimately ended up in technology. He was a part of The Daily Telegraph, the tech startup. He also founded The Kernel which he ultimately sold afterward. Moreover, he was working in the USA for some time, but then returned to England. Milo Yiannopoulos net worth is $4 million after all his ventures.


Milo Yiannopoulos’s sexuality has always been a point of controversy for him. He is openly gay and frequently speaks for the rights of homosexuals. He likes to get in bed with black men to rebel against his racist mother.

Yiannopoulos also supports pedophilia. One of his addresses were leaked on Youtube by someone who disagrees with his opinion. He was heavily criticized for this act of his and was banned to speak on the platforms of several universities, colleges, and institutions.


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