Net Worth of Maxine Waters

Net Worth of Maxine Waters: ‎$3 million

maxine waters net worth

Maxine Waters net worth is one of the most controversial figures in American politics. Her often dramatic speeches, for example on the floor of the United States Congress have sparked arguments about her worth and her intentions. As a one-time Communist Party member with no apparent finances besides her low income, she has become a cause celebre for those who think the Democratic Party leadership has become out of touch and has forgotten how to work for the people.

According to many Democrats, Ms. Waters has used her political influence to get the minimum wage increased in California and to pass a lot of environmental laws that help preserve the environment. In fact, she has been so successful in some areas of public policy that it is hard to determine exactly how much she is worth. On the one hand, the consensus among those who know her best says she is an intelligent person who cares about many different causes. On the other hand, many of her businesses have shown a great deal of financial difficulties.

The exact worth of Maxine Waters has been hotly debated, especially because the controversy surrounding her has overshadowed the larger issue of whether or not she should be the face of the Democratic Party. So, let’s start with a basic definition of what she does for a living. If she does not make enough money to pay for her own mortgage and food, then it will be considered income.

Maxine Waters represents a number of people, including her husband, John Waters, a former assistant secretary of labor and a former co-chairman of a public relations firm. There are also a number of products that she represents, such as health care products and the products of a company that manufactures clothing.

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Even if Maxine Waters was only making a small profit, she is certainly not living on a pittance. She has a salary and benefits package from her businesses. So, even if she was spending less than a tenth of her income on her personal expenditures, it would still be less than the poverty level.

One of the things that the overall poverty rate in America is determined by is your percentage of income that goes to taxes. Those who make too much money, which Maxine Waters definitely does, do not pay taxes. They have gotten so rich, they don’t need help from the government.

However, those who make little to no money but do take up a lot of political agenda, including individuals like Waters, are considered poor. It is not fair that others can get away with living the way they want to while they themselves struggle to pay their bills.

If Maxine Waters was living a modest life and not raking in the dough, she wouldn’t be a candidate for higher office, as her life would fall below the poverty level. But, since she makes more than the poverty level, she is the subject of debate over whether or not she is worthy of being the face of the Democratic Party. If she is not happy with her public profile, she can always continue her business interests without any concern for her public image.

Maxine Waters Early Life

We have all heard the fabulous book Maxine Waters by Becky Balding. And I have enjoyed reading it, I was enthralled at how captivating the story is. And my wife is one of the fan base that I got to meet through this author in a public forum where we were discussing Waters’ book. She absolutely loved it and liked the character so much that she has recommended it to her friends and she will be reading the next book as well. So I have to ask myself, why do I enjoy reading about Maxine Waters?

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I enjoy the crazy, nutty world she lives in. She has a really dark past. Although the past is not revealed until near the end, it is hinted that Waters herself had some really gruesome sexual attacks on kids when she was a young girl. What’s fascinating is the very real fear in the black community about Waters.

She has been tormented by her crazy mother. Her teenage sister would not leave her alone. As a child she has experienced sexual abuse by a woman. I get why Maxine Waters seems to have such a hard time letting go of her childhood memories, even if the memories seem to have a very negative impact on her adult life. I enjoyed Waters’ character and I enjoy her crazy world.

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