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Ricegum net worth is approximately $750,000 in 2017. The weird name Ricegum is the name of a Youtube channel owned by the famous Youtube personality Bryan Le. Bryan is an American gamer who chose to make a fortune with his passion. He started uploading gaming videos on his channel when he was in the early years of his teenage life. In 2015, one of his videos named These Kids Must Be Stopped went viral on the internet. That was where he got his mass recognition. In this video, Bryan criticized some of the internet kids that he thought were stupid and they must be stopped before it’s too late.

The series These Kids Must Be Stopped was the boost he needed. Since then, Ricegum has updated his Youtube content regularly. Moreover, he has accumulated an incredible 5.7 million subscribers on Youtube. Various sources have confirmed that Ricegum net worth is approximately $750,000 at the moment.


Bryan Lee was born on 19th November 1996 in Las Vegas, California. He went to Sierra Vista High School for higher studies and graduated in 2015. Since his childhood, Bryan used to spend a significant amount of time from his everyday life playing video games. While he was in the school, he decided to upload gaming videos on Youtube. Eventually, he created a Youtube channel in 2010 with the name Ricegum. His first ever video on the platform was Lifestory:Babysitting RicegumThe video shows him playing Call of Duty. As the time went on, his channel kept growing. He was regular in uploading new content on the channel.Check out JACKSEPTICEYE NET WORTH(here).

After Bryan graduated from the high school, he went to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas to acquire a professional degree. The same year his most famous video These Kids Must Be Stopped made him popular over the internet. At this point, he decided to drop out of the University and pursue his career as a Youtuber. Apart from Youtube, Ricegum also started Call of Duty streaming on the video streaming platform Twitch. But his account was terminated due to some legal issues.

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This Kids Must Be Stopped brought him to the public attention for the very first time. The video went viral all over the internet earning him thousands of subscribers. Currently, this video has more than 10 million views on the Youtube alone. He ranted about the kid stars on the internet that are trying to provoke sexual ideas through their videos. Fellow YouTubers also reacted to his video which increased his popularity.

After the success of the controversial video, Bryan decided to keep going for it. He is popular for “diss tracks”. He usually targets fellow YouTubers who in return release something about him, give him more popularity. A fellow Youtuber named Gabbi Hanna took her insult too far. She claimed, in one of her videos that Ricegum physically assaulted her and broke her phone. However, Bryan admitted to being involved in the thrashing of the phone but denied to accept any charges regarding the physical assault. After this controversy, Youtube is monitoring his channel very closely. He has limited the amount of diss tracks as well.


Bryan’s channel Ricegum has a total of 5.7 million subscribers. His total video views on Youtube have gone above $569 million. If it is estimated roughly, he has earned a little more than $1 million through Youtube. It is quite impressive as he has been active for only a couple of years now.

He owns another channel where he uploads his Vlogs. The channel has 1.3 million subscribers and earns him quite good enough. Unfortunately, his last update on this channel was in 2016. Since then, he hasn’t uploaded any video. Apart from Youtube, Bryan also owns a Shopify store.

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Ricegum was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is rumored that he lives with his parents in Nevada. However, the Youtuber has spoken of moving out and showed some of the places to his fans which he is considering to move to. He never speaks about his personal life in details so there is no news regarding his relationship status. Moving ahead to his luxury, Ricegum is reported to have a Mercedez S550 as a personal drive. This is something you could expect after Ricegum net worth is estimated to be $750,000.


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