Rich Piana Net Worth-The Body Building Sensation on Youtube


Rich Piana net worth is $2 million in 2017. He was born on 26th September 1971 in Northridge, California. Rich wanted to have a perfectly tuned and well-shaped body. He went to the gym for the very first time at the age of eleven. Once he achieved what he wanted, he started looking at body building as a professional career. Rich Piana spent years on building his body. And today the fruit of the sheer hard work is visible to the whole world. He is currently one of the most famous wrestlers in the USA. He has also gathered a large amount of fan following on different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Moreover, his bulky body has played a major part in earning him several acting projects.Check out the Bill Gates Son Rory John Gates Net worth(here).

No person ever started working on something or for a cause without a true inspiration. For Rich, the real inspiration was his mother. His mother was also a body builder. Once he visited her at the gym and was inspired by watching her mother lifting up weights and making effort to keep her body fit and in shape. Since then he decided to follow her mother’s footsteps.

The start is always the most difficult part of a journey. Rich Piana was no exception. It was difficult for him in the beginning. He didn’t have enough funds to carry on things as body building itself is a costly thing. But he kept struggling and finally won the NPC California Championship. Things started going in his favor and soon he was a popular body builder in his country. He went on to win more competitions and got both fame and name. However, he has considered his mother’s gym to be the true inspiration and the place where it all started.

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Once Rich Piana was famous for his build, he was in demand. He took his professional life to a whole new point. Piana started working as an actor. He was offered several roles, but none of them big enough to shoot his career to stars. Rich was seen playing a part in the series like Ripley’s Believe It or Not and NBC’s scrub. After some time, he played minor roles in the movies too Big For The World and Planete des singes. He also played a part as a stuntman in the movie Planet of Apes.

Rich also started showing off his body on the internet to earn followers. He has 1 million followers on Facebook, 731000 on the Instagram, and 13000 on twitter. Moreover, he also has a Youtube channel with more than 666000 subscribers which he keeps updated with the videos related to body building. The revenues from Youtube videos, endorsements, and winning the competitions have made Rich Piana net worth almost $2 million. Apart from this, Rich has started his own clothing line and nutrition brand.


Rich Piana once got into a controversy in the past. He admitted that he was using steroids since he was in his teens. The reason that motivated him to take such a step was that he used to lose in competitions. Rich was eager to win and hence used the path of steroids. However, he advises others to continue without steroids if possible.


Rich Piana is known to be in a relationship with 2 women in the pasts. Both of them had massive breasts and used to work out. First one was Chanel Renee and the second one was Sara Heimis. Sara and Rich Piana got married in 2015. Since then Sara Heimis uses the name, Sara Piana.

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Sara Heimis and rich piana net worth

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