Ronaldo Net Worth

Ronaldo’s Net Worth: $450 Million

When you see people talk about sports stars, most people in the end will probably tell you that the world’s top sports man or woman is known by one name only: Ronaldo. All they will talk about are the records and stats of the person and everything else which will then lead to one conclusion – Ronaldo is the greatest basketball player of all time. Before you make the final decision to add him to your football team, do consider these facts.

Ronaldo has a net worth of around $900 million. This figure will surprise most people who will tell you that Ronaldo will never be able to turn his dream of winning a world championship into a reality.

To put this figure into perspective, Ronaldo’s contract with Real Madrid is worth in excess of $25 million per year. Yes, this is a huge amount of money that could help a little bit towards his own dreams of winning a world championship.

However, the latest reports coming out of Portugal state that Ronaldo has his eyes set on a title which would eclipse the recent record of up to $41 million, which was established by Michael Jordan. Ronaldo seems to be more focused on earning money than he is on winning a title. With his star on the rise, if he ever truly wants to be remembered as the greatest basketball player in the world, he will have to become a little more selfish.

Ronaldo is estimated to be worth $89 million. This is probably more than the current world record holder, Tiger Woods. Other figures are projected to be less than half of what this player is expected to be worth, which is probably where Ronaldo’s future lies.

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In all his World Cup glory, no one can doubt the respect and admiration that Ronaldo commands in Portugal. People there have been known to take him to task for not allowing them to play him properly in the World Cup; Ronaldo has responded by asking them to take him to the park in public.

Ronaldo is the top player in Europe and he is also believed to be the best player in the world. The vast majority of people think that the individual will never be able to play against the likes of Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan in an individual game. This is certainly a fact that Ronaldo would have to swallow if he ever gets his hands on a World championship.

Ronaldo is set to play a part in seven all star games this year and that number is expected to increase to ten. He could almost be considered as a rookie at this point, even though he has been playing for years. He has the reputation of being a one hit wonder.

One man is the best player in the world. However, there is a woman who has also gone through a lot of criticism when compared to her husband. Many feel that she is overrated by fans and that her family is far too invested in her career to have given her the chance to become the world’s best player.

Ronaldo will play until he is 45 years old and is said to have more world records than the likes of Muhammad Ali and Jack Nicklaus. Ronaldo is now the target of a couple of boxers who say they will take on Ronaldo if he becomes world champion.

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Ronaldo has the ability to play the game to its highest levels. He has won the Champions League in his very first season and has been able to guide his team to their first European Cup. He is a fan favourite and not just in the southern part of Portugal.

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