Sodapoppin Net Worth-He is one Young Rich Youtuber


The American Vlogger Sodapoppin has achieved a lot more than one can expect from a 22-year old. Currently, Sodapoppin net worth is almost $1 million. His internet name is Sodapoppin. Whereas, his real name is Chance Morris. He was born on 15th February 1994 in the Texas state of United States of America. His family includes his parents, himself and seven other siblings. The family was always stable financially. The couple themselves adopted a few kids. Chances are that Morris himself is also adopted but nothing could be claimed with surety.

Beginning of the career

In 2012, Chance Morris started a youtube channel named sodapoppin33. It was a fun hobby for him in the start. He also joined the University of Texas. But his talent and entertaining streaming saw him earn a number of followers. That is when he started considering it as a professional career and dropped out of the University. In 2013, he was able to have his own place in Michigan and so moved out. After all these years of hard work, Sodapoppin has almost 0.5 million subscribers on youtube although his real online stage has been Twitch where he has almost 0.75 million supporters. Revenues from online advertisements and endorsements have made him this rich.

Sodapoppin net worth

Long before he started on Youtube and Twitch, sodapoppin was active on Xfire. Once he switched the platform, his fan-base on Xfire supported him. Currently, his Twitch account has 200.000 consistent viewers with a figure of 8000 viewers tuning in and out simultaneously. Moreover, his Youtube channel has more than 100 million views and 11000 followers on Twitter. All of this contributes to his fame, popularity and his earnings.

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Personal Life and scandals

One of the Sodapoppin’s scandals that came out is not a one that his parents will feel proud of him. He once lost $5000 in an online blackjack hand. But given his earnings, the loss might not have bothered him for long. The figures of his net worth will surely rise in the near future as his followers are also increasing day by day.

Another gossip that came out of his career is regarding his relationship. Twitch hasn’t only made him rich and allowed him to peruse what he loves to do as a career, but the platform also gave him a sweetheart. The American Vlogger is dating a fellow Twitch streamer Lea May who is known as LegendaryLea in the online world. Lea has been actively posting her pictures on social media and she has a body to die for. The couple once kissed on camera for a charity collection.   Sodapoppin net worth

Currently, Sodapoppin is living with his parents in Michigan. His other siblings left and he stayed with his 70-years, old parents. He is making his parents proud as sodapoppin net worth is one of the highest among the Vloggers out their.

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