Steve Young Net Worth

Steve Young Net Worth :$200 million

Steve Young Net Worth

With the recent high profile of Steve Young in the headlines, more people are learning more about his net worth. He is one of the top athletes of all time, a Hall of Fame quarterback and actor who now own a chain of sports bars and restaurants. He’s a walking, talking super millionaire. But how much money does he really have?

steve young net worth

As is often the case with things like this, multiple sources from different time periods are used to produce a complete and accurate report. Steve had to file for personal bankruptcy and has a net worth of somewhere around three to four million dollars. Obviously, not a huge sum, but it is enough to make many wonder how much it is really.

First of all, to help cut down on paperwork and get into the details of his finances, Steve (real name Steve Platsky) filed an American Bankruptcy and put his assets up for sale. As you probably guessed, he did this as a favor to his sons, who both play professional football. So there were two of them getting paid as well.

The two professional players made a good review of his finances and decided they wanted to keep it that way. They agreed to let the accounts be frozen, meaning they would not be able to cash checks or use credit cards. The action left Steve’s profits untouched, making him look like he didn’t owe anything.

In a 2020 Seattle Times story, Steve was quoted as saying, “You can’t trust a bank.” The statement, in part, said he wanted to prove that banks “can’t be trusted.”

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Now, a wealthy person will always have an advantage. That’s especially true in a society where it’s OK to go after your neighbor’s assets, pay back aloan or engage in any number of illegal actions. For example, in order to get into Las Vegas casinos you have to prove you’re not a convicted felon. In Steve’s case, it looks like he probably did that, but I’d argue he never did show anyone what exactly went into his account.

What we do know is that he has filed for divorce from his wife and started to pay off taxes owed, something that normally takes years to accomplish. He’s also working on rebuilding his stock portfolio after the bankruptcy.

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