Tom Brady Net Worth in 2023

Tom Brady is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He has won 7 Super Bowl championships, been named Super Bowl MVP 5 times, and holds numerous NFL records. But how much is Tom Brady worth today? Let’s take a deep dive into Tom Brady’s net worth in 2023.

Tom Brady’s Net Worth: $250 Million

Tom Brady's Net Worth

Most estimates put Tom Brady’s net worth at around $250 million as of February 2023. This takes into account his career NFL earnings, endorsements, and other business ventures.

Here’s the breakdown of Tom Brady’s net worth:

  • Career NFL salary earnings: $292 million
  • Endorsement earnings: $150 million
  • TB12 brand: $50 million
  • Other investments and assets: $40 million

That brings his total net worth to approximately $250 million. While he may not be the richest NFL player, he’s certainly near the top of the list. Brady’s net worth is even more impressive when you consider that he was a 6th round-draft pick and started off earning just a few hundred thousand dollars per year.

How Did Tom Brady Earn His Money?

Tom Brady has earned his massive net worth through his NFL salary, endorsement deals, and business ventures. Let’s take a closer look at how Tom Brady has made his fortune over his 22-year career.

NFL Salary

The bulk of Tom Brady’s net worth has come from his NFL contracts. Since being drafted in 2000, Brady has earned $292 million in NFL salary alone.

Some key stats on Tom Brady’s NFL salary earnings:

  • 2000-2009: $27.5 million in 10 seasons with the Patriots
  • 2010: Signed a 4 year, $72 million contract extension with the Patriots
  • 2013: Signed a 3 year, $27 million contract extension
  • 2016: Signed a 2 year, $41 million extension
  • 2017: Signed a 2 year, $41 million extension
  • 2020: Signed a 2 year, $50 million deal with the Buccaneers
Bar chart of Tom Brady's NFL salary earnings over time

In total, Brady earned $292 million in career NFL salary. While other QBs have since surpassed him, Brady was the all-time leader in career earnings at the time of his initial retirement.

Endorsement Earnings

Tom Brady has earned over $150 million from endorsements and sponsorships throughout his career. Some of his major endorsement deals include:

  • Tag Heuer: $12 million per year
  • Aston Martin: $4 million per year
  • Upper Deck: $1 million per year
  • Foot Locker: $1 million per year
  • Sam Adams: Estimated $1-3 million per year
  • UGGs: Estimated $1-3 million per year

Brady has earned an estimated $10-20 million per year from endorsements since 2011. His endorsement earnings have likely exceeded his NFL salary in recent years.

TB12 Brand

In addition to endorsements, Brady invests and earns money from his fitness and nutrition company TB12. The company has an estimated value of around $50 million.

TB12 sells protein powders, snacks, equipment, apparel, and other health products. Brady co-founded the company with his trainer Alex Guerrero.

Other Investments

Brady has made investments in various startups and companies over the years. Some of his investment holdings include:

  • Religion of Sports: Sports media startup, invested $3 million
  • Under Armour: Had an equity stake worth $5.5 million in 2016
  • Purple Carrot: Plant-based meal kit startup, invested undisclosed amount

Brady also owns multiple homes worth around $40 million combined. This includes properties in New York, Montana, and Massachusetts.

In total, Brady has amassed a net worth of $250 million primarily through NFL salary, endorsements, TB12, and investments. He continues to be one of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

Tom Brady’s Career Timeline and Earnings

Tom Brady has been in the NFL for over two decades. Here is a timeline of his career and earnings over the years:

YearTeamSalaryCareer EarningsNotes
2000New England Patriots$193,000$193,000Drafted 199th overall in 6th round
2001New England Patriots$298,000$491,000First Super Bowl win
2002New England Patriots$375,000$866,000 
2003New England Patriots$450,000$1.3 millionEarned $750k bonus
2004New England Patriots$535,000$1.9 millionWon second Super Bowl
2005New England Patriots$710,000$2.6 million 
2006New England Patriots$760,000$3.4 million 
2007New England Patriots$5 million$8.4 millionFirst big contract, threw 50 TDs
2008New England Patriots$5 million$13.4 millionTore ACL in Week 1
2009New England Patriots$5 million$18.4 millionComeback season, Comeback Player of Year
2010New England Patriots$16.5 million$34.9 millionSigned 4-year $72 million extension

From 2000 to 2006, Tom Brady earned just $3.4 million total in his first 6 seasons, an average of $560,000 per year.

In 2010, Brady signed his first major contract extension for 4 years and $72 million. This bumped his average annual salary to $16.5 million.

Brady signed two more lucrative extensions in 2013 and 2016. He crossed over $100 million career earnings in 2014.

In 2020 at age 43, Brady signed a fully guaranteed 2-year, $50 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This contract took his career earnings over $250 million.

Brady’s average annual salary and career earnings increased dramatically from his early seasons. He worked his way up from a 6th-round pick to becoming the highest-paid NFL player.

Breaking Down Tom Brady’s Net Worth Sources

Here is a breakdown of how Tom Brady has accumulated his massive $250 million net worth:

NFL Salary (2000-2022)$292 million
Endorsements$150 million
TB12 Brand Value$50 million
Investments$40 million
Total Net Worth$250 million
Pie chart of distribution of tom brady's net worth in 2023

The vast majority of Tom Brady’s net worth has come from his NFL contracts. Despite taking team-friendly deals with the Patriots early on, he more than made up for it with extensions later in his career.

Endorsements make up the second biggest chunk of Brady’s net worth. Brands pay him up to $20 million per year to sponsor their products.

TB12 and his investments have also added tens of millions. Brady is savvy about investing his money in startups and real estate.

At 45 years old, Tom Brady has already amassed a quarter billion dollar fortune primarily through football. He continues to build his net worth through endorsements and post-career business ventures.

How Tom Brady Spends His Money

With a net worth of $250 million, how does Brady spend his fortune? Here’s a look at some of the big-ticket items:

  • Real estate: Owns properties in New York, Montana, and Massachusetts worth $40 million total
  • Yacht: Bought a multi-million dollar 77-foot yacht called the Wajer Yachts 77
  • Cars: Owns a Rolls-Royce Ghost, Bugatti Veyron, and Aston Martin Vanquish among other cars
  • Travel: Frequents luxurious vacations in destinations like Italy and Costa Rica
  • Philanthropy: Donates to Best Buddies charity and own TB12 Foundation
  • Investing: Has invested in tech startups like Religion of Sports and Purple Carrot
  • Clothing: Often wears designer fashion and UGG shoes he endorses
  • Health and wellness: Spends heavily on training, nutrition, and recovery

Even with his lavish purchases and lifestyle, Brady invests a healthy portion of his earnings each year. This ensures his net worth continues rising in the long-run.

Fun Facts About Tom Brady’s Career Earnings

Tom Brady's Net Worth

Here are some fascinating facts about Tom Brady’s career earnings over 20+ years in the NFL:

  • During his first season, Brady earned just $193,000 – which wouldn’t even cover the tip on one of his super-yachts today.
  • He made $26.4 million from endorsements in 2016 alone, which was double his NFL salary.
  • Brady earned $235 million from age 33 to 43 – more than he made in his entire career before 33.
  • His fully guaranteed $50 million Buccaneers contract at age 43 is the most ever for an NFL player over 40.
  • Brady earned $452 million during his 20 seasons with the New England Patriots.
  • If he hit all his incentives with the Buccaneers, Brady earned over $125 million in just two seasons in Tampa Bay.
  • Brady and his wife Gisele B√ľndchen have a combined net worth estimated at more than $650 million.

Tom Brady’s career earnings just keep piling up, even into his 40s. He continues to be the highest-paid player in NFL history when taking into account salary, endorsements, and business deals.

What Is Tom Brady’s Salary This Year (2023)?

Tom Brady initially announced his retirement from the NFL after the 2022 season. But in a stunning move, he decided to un-retire just 40 days later and return for a 23rd season.

Tom Brady announced Wednesday morning in a social media post that he is walking away from the NFL after 23 seasons with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Following his brief retirement, it was reported that Brady had signed a massive 10-year, $375 million deal to become FOX’s lead NFL analyst when he fully retires.

However, his new deal with FOX allows Brady to take some time off from the network before starting his broadcasting career. This enabled Brady to come back for at least one more season.

For 2023, Brady is under contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a one-year, $15 million deal. He took a $5 million pay cut from his 2022 salary to return to the Bucs this season.

Here is how Brady’s 2023 salary and cap hit breaks down:

  • Base salary: $1.165 million
  • Roster bonus: $13.835 million
  • Cap hit: $15 million

The Buccaneers continue to structure Brady’s deals with high roster bonuses to provide yearly flexibility. But between salary and bonuses, Brady’s total 2023 compensation remains at $15 million.

Brady looks to capture one more Super Bowl at age 45 before moving on to broadcasting and business ventures full-time. But this year could significantly add to his net worth that already exceeds a quarter-billion dollars.

Inside the Businesses That Help Drive Tom Brady’s Net Worth

In addition to NFL salary and endorsements, Tom Brady has amassed his $250 million net worth through his various business ventures. Here are some of Brady’s top companies:

TB12 Sports

TB12 is a fitness and nutrition company Brady co-founded in 2013 with his trainer Alex Guerrero. TB12 has a chain of physical therapy centers and sells health products including protein powder, electrolytes, and vibrating rollers.

Brady and partners have invested $15 million into TB12 over the years. The company now has an estimated brand valuation of $50 million.

199 Productions

199 Productions is Brady’s global multi-media and production company founded in 2021. The company develops documentaries, TV shows, movies, and other content projects.

For example, 199 Productions produced Brady’s “Man in the Arena” documentary series for ESPN. It also has deals with major studios like Paramount and Fox.


Autograph is an NFT company Brady co-founded with entrepreneur Richard Rosenblatt. Autograph has partnered with iconic brands like Tiger Woods to produce digital collectibles.

Brady also launched his own NFT collection called the Brady Reserve Collection selling for hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars per NFT.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion is launching an NFT platform called Autograph this spring. It will bring together some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment, fashion and pop culture to work with creators to develop unique digital collectibles, a representative for Brady tells CNN Business.

Religion of Sports

Religion of Sports is a sports media startup co-founded by Brady, Michael Strahan, and Gotham Chopra in 2017. The company was valued at $100 million during a 2020 funding round.

Brady helped seed fund the company with an initial investment of $3 million back in 2017 according to SEC filings.

Through TB12, 199 Productions, Autograph, Religion of Sports and more – Brady has built a business empire off the field through smart investments and partnerships. These ventures will continue paying off long after he retires from the NFL.

Tom Brady’s Endorsement Empire

A huge source of income for Brady has been endorsement deals. Here are some of Tom Brady’s biggest endorsement deals that have contributed to his massive net worth:

Tag Heuer

Brady signed a deal with luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer in 2015. At $12 million per year, it was one of Brady’s most lucrative endorsements.

Aston Martin

In 2018, Brady inked a multi-year partnership with British car manufacturer Aston Martin. He earns around $4 million annually as their brand ambassador.

Upper Deck

Brady has had an autograph deal with Upper Deck since 2016. The exact terms are unknown but likely exceeds $1 million per year.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker signed Brady to endorse their brand in 2016 for an estimated $1 million annually. He has appeared in numerous commercials for them.

Sam Adams

Boston beer company Sam Adams tapped Brady as a brand endorser in 2016. Industry experts estimate the deal pays Brady between $1-3 million per year.


Brady signed an endorsement deal with UGG in 2011 to promote their men’s footwear division. The multi-year deal is worth around $1-3 million annually.


Car rental company Hertz hired Brady in 2018 as a brand ambassador and equity partner. The value of the deal is unknown but bolstered Brady’s endorsement portfolio.

Under Armour

Brady had an equity stake in Under Armour that was valued at around $5.5 million in 2016 before selling it back to the company.

In total, Brady’s endorsements often total $10-20 million per year when combined. He is one of the most sought-after athlete endorsers worldwide.

Companies pay top dollar to partner with Brady given his sustained excellence and popularity. His endorsements significantly boost his net worth outside of NFL salary.

How Does Tom Brady’s Salary Compare to Other NFL Players?

In his 23rd NFL season in 2023, how does Tom Brady’s $15 million salary compare to other top quarterbacks and NFL players?

Here is a breakdown of the highest paid NFL players by salary this season:

  • Aaron Rodgers, QB: $50 million
  • Deshaun Watson, QB: $46 million
  • Russell Wilson, QB: $49 million
  • Kyler Murray, QB: $29.7 million
  • Kirk Cousins, QB: $35 million

Tom Brady’s $15 million salary ranks #8 among all NFL players in cash compensation for 2023.

He took a sizable pay cut from the $25 million he initially signed for in Tampa Bay to return another season.

But compared to other elite veterans like Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins, Brady’s salary ranks on the lower end despite being 10+ years older.

The Buccaneers continue getting a bargain for Brady’s value given his unparalleled experience and competitiveness. With incentives, he can still earn over $20 million.

However, Brady has the highest career earnings of any player in NFL history thanks to decades of top salaries. He will also earn $375 million from FOX in retirement.

Even at 45, Brady remains content to take less money for the chance to win another Super Bowl ring. His focus has been more on success than salary during the latter stages of his career.

Tom Brady’s Career Accomplishments and Awards

Tom Brady's Net Worth

Tom Brady is celebrated as the greatest quarterback of all time thanks to his incredible list of accomplishments over 22 seasons:

NFL Records Held By Brady:

  • Most Super Bowl wins by player (7)
  • Most Super Bowl MVP awards (5)
  • Most regular season wins by QB (251)
  • Most playoff wins by QB (35)
  • Most passing yards in NFL history (89,214)
  • Most passing touchdowns in NFL history (649)
  • Most Pro Bowl selections by QB (15)

Tom Brady Career Highlights and Awards:

  • 7x Super Bowl Champion (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI, LIII, LV)
  • 5x Super Bowl MVP
  • 3x NFL MVP (2007, 2010, 2017)
  • 15x Pro Bowl selection
  • 15x All-Pro selection
  • 2021 AP Male Athlete of the Year
  • 3x NFL Offensive Player of Year (2007, 2010, 2017)
  • Comeback Player of Year (2009)
  • NFL 2000s All-Decade Team
  • 100 Greatest NFL Players of All Time

Brady owns a litany of NFL career records, from passing yards to touchdowns to playoff victories. His sustained dominance led to 10 Super Bowl appearances and him being named MVP of the league three times.

There is no denying Brady’s case as the single greatest quarterback and winner in pro football history. His net worth and earnings rival his endless list of records and accolades as well.

Conclusion: Tom Brady’s Unparalleled Career and Net Worth

In summary, Tom Brady’s net worth in 2023 stands at approximately $250 million. He built this wealth through:

  • $292 million in career NFL contracts with the Patriots and Buccaneers
  • Over $150 million from endorsements and sponsorships
  • His fitness brand TB12 valued at $50 million
  • Investments in startups and real estate totaling $40 million

Brady’s income especially escalated in the later stages of his career, with his biggest contracts and endorsements coming in his late 30s and 40s.

At 45 years old, he is still adding to his net worth with his current $15 million salary and off-field ventures.

Few athletes across any sport can match Brady’s combination of sustained excellence and business savvy. His football accomplishments and net worth make Tom Brady a true icon of sports, entertainment, and the American dream.

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